About Us

The Digital Photography Café was created by Trevor Current from CurrentPhotographer.com and Joseph Cristina from Alluremm.com. They have come together to create an inspiring, educational and entertaining podcast about the art and business of photography.

Each week Trevor and Joe get together to talk about the creative side of photography and the tools you need to succeed in business. Our topics are varied and everyone from beginner through professional will find some useful information to help grow their skills as photographers.

Host Bios

Trevor Current – I graduated from art school in 1990 and started my career in graphic design and photography working in a small mom and pop ad agency as their one man art department. It was a fantastic opportunity to get my feet wet doing some great high-tech B2B work. After a few years I moved on to a much larger studio who’s clients were Fortune 100 consumer product companies and got to try my hand at something totally different. Within a few years I was promoted to Art Director and was working with companies like Sony Electronics and M&M Mars producing work for national ad campaigns, packaging, collateral and tradeshow exhibits.

In addition to design and photography I also work as a digital marketing strategist to build corporate, product and personal brand identities for my clients. I love technology and am constantly learning about the latest tools and techniques and how they may be of benefit in solving their marketing objectives.

For a short time I also taught Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and Mac computing to students looking to break into the fields of photography and design. I really loved helping them learn the tools they needed to start a great new career.

After 17 years with my previous company it was time for another change. I wanted to combine my love of design, photography, digital marketing and teaching into something that could help other people achieve their dreams, so I created CurrentPhotographer.com. With the help of over 15 regular contributors and many great guest bloggers, we’ve been able to turn my little pet project into one of the most popular photography resource sites on the web in a little over a year. At last look, we have readers from over 140 countries around the world and have built a great community of photographers.

You can connect with me on Twitter and Facebook and be sure to stop by CurrentPhotographer.com to check out all of our information and resources for photographers from beginner through professional.


Host Bios

Joseph Cristina – I’m a professional photographer based in sunny south florida. I began my studies in the visual arts at the age of 8 under the strong brush of my mentor, Marsha Nardini. She was an incredible commercial mural painter and installation artist with studios in New York City throughout the 50’s and 60’s. These studies continued sporadically for many years as she became a close part of our family sharing many holidays, birthdays and countless special occasions together. During these times she passed along practical, creative and (what I call) intuitive knowledge which has been invaluable to my career and is the core of all that I have done and will do throughout my life’s journey as an artist. My reverence for her continues now many years after her passing.

By the age of 20, I began my formal training in Commercial Art & Advertising Design and Photography at the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale and Florida Atlantic University back in the early 90’s. My first job in the field was at an Advertising Agency doing magazine pasteup and layout (back then it really was pasting up the layouts). As Quark, Pagemaker, Photoshop and Illustrator where non-existent I would have to send my copy to be “SET” and once returned, cut & paste, add photographs and artwork and finally send for plating and printing. Photographically my 1st experience was in senior high with a beautiful metal bodied, 35mm, rangefinder c.1974; Minolta SRT-102 which I still use for some of my fine art commissions. I shot, developed and printed thousands of black & white images and was privileged enough to have won many awards at such an early age.

My career path deviated from the arts to computers and I worked in this industry for many years. While lucrative this move absolutely stifled my creativity and caused not only tension and frustration but more importantly a feeling of none fulfillment which was the catalyst for my motto: “If you get up on Monday morning and don’t absolutely LOVE going to work … DON’T! It’s time for a change … Life’s too short!” This period of time helped solidify in my mind the need for me to go back into a creative profession where I started my own photography and multimedia design studio called Allure Multimedia and I’ve never looked back!

From my roots in Fine Art & Commercial Painting to the many years of photographic experience my day to day within the studio is a rich and fulfilling one having the opportunity to collaborate with amazing people while producing photo / art which moves me and hopefully others.

From my work at the advertising agency I still have a mindset that no matter if the imagery I create is a commercial product, model head shot or piece of fine art, in my minds eye, MUST SELL! To qualify this term of “SELL”, it’s not necessarily the act of offering for monetary gain but a means of creation with emphasis on the works’ final goal to be admired, desired and compelling for all who view it.

– Mediocrity is no longer acceptable. Be stellar or be nothing! ~J.Cristina

You can connect with me on Twitter and Facebook and be sure to stop by alluremm.com to review my portfolio, commission art or simply say hello!