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Digital Photography Cafe – 044: The Talent Agency Scam, Lightroom 4 and The New iPad

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The talent agency scam, Lightroom 4 and The New iPad – all on this weeks episode of the
Digital Photography Cafe.

Grab a latte, pull up a chair and join Trevor Current and Joseph Cristina as they chat about
the art and business of photography.


How to Pick an Actor or Modeling Headshot Photographer
Solar Flares
Adobe Lightroom 4
FolioBook – iPad Portfolio App
The New iPad

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Trevor Current
Twitter: @TrevorCurrent

Joseph Cristina
Twitter: @JosephCristina

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3 thoughts on “Digital Photography Cafe – 044: The Talent Agency Scam, Lightroom 4 and The New iPad”

  1. They’ve changed the iPad naming convention to align with their computer naming convention. Why not? Just remember back to the “disappointing iPhone 4S” launch. What was wrong with it? It wasn’t an iPhone 5. The only thing wrong with it was the name. Had they named it the iPhone 5, it would have been heralded as the holy grail. Instead, it was a disappointment.

    I just sold a Macbook Pro 15.5 2.53 Ghz on eBay. Mine was the Oct. 2008. There is also the June 2009… or the April 2010 … or the February 2011 …

    They may change their minds and go back to creating a new name and number for each iteration. But if they just call it the iPad, it keeps the product line simple. (Thanks, Steve.)

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