Fujifilm X-Pro1 – The Pro Level Mirrorless, Interchangeable Lens Camera System

While covering WPPI 2012 in Las Vegas, we had the opportunity to chat with Kacey Baker from Fujifilm about their new mirrorless interchangeable lens camera system the X-Pro1.

In the first video below, Georgia McCabe put together a great presentation that gives us some history about camera technology and how it has evolved to the new mirrorless technology used in the X-Pro1. Kacey Baker joins us to talk about the inner workings of the X-Pro1 and what makes it a camera worth considering for your next purchase.

Later we visited the Fujifilm booth to chat with Kacey again and get a little more hands on with the X-Pro1. We also had a chance to view some of the beautiful images that were created with the X-Pro1 on display at their booth.

Be sure to stop by Fujifilm.com to check out the X-Pro1 and while you’re at it connect with them on Twitter and Facebook.